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Are you looking for a TNX invitation code? Here's a permanent invitation code: eab4e874 . I've got some more for you so you can join TNX.net awesome program!


Psst! Do you need to be invited by someone so you can subscribe to the awesome TNX links exchange program? I know you do, because TNX is going to make you huge load of money if you know how to use it well. With it, I’m already doing hundread of dollars with old websites which I don’t update anymore. But well, now it seems impossible to join TNX system as before, because they changed the way the people can register.

On August 20th, they made that anouncement on their forums:

Starting today/tomorrow free registration at TNX will be closed.TNX members will have 2 main options on promoting the system and attracting new members as their affiliates:

1. By sending an invitation code (Invite): This method is available to every TNX member whose balance is at least 10,000 points. Member will be able to invite new users to the network by giving him/her a special link with a code that is needed to register in the system (code can be generated in your control panel and you will be able to track its usage). New TNX member will automatically receive 1000 points at no cost, these points may be spent on advertising. It is in your best interest to make sure the person you invited gets as much attention and help as possible, because once invited you receive 10% bonus off of 1000 points given to a new member free of charge + all possible referral commissions for future actions done by the new member referred to TNX. Bonus points will not be credited if TNX identifies referred member previously logging in to TNX using different login. New users will not be able to register in the system without invitation code.

2. No invitation needed: This option is available only to those TNX members who already have active affiliates and those who ask TNX Administrators to turn on this option (please create support ticket for that). If this option is turned on for your account, you will be able to use your current referral links and all other methods avaulable in TNX system.

As for now, the only way to register to TNX.net is getting an invitation code so you can put it on the register form. I’m going to throw away 5 invitation code so the first 5 of you who get here and use them will be the lucky winners.

If I find out people who are looking for more invitation code, I may give some more to the ones who will leave comments 😉

Edit on May 28th: I refreshed the list. Now you have 20 new TNX invitations!

So here are some invitation codes just for you guys:

  • 4a1e2bcd
  • 4a1e2bcf
  • 4a1e2bd2
  • 4a1e2bd5
  • 48c86d2a
  • 48c86d2d
  • 48c86d2f
  • 48c86d31
  • 48c86d32
  • 48c86d35
  • 48c86d36
  • 49506320
  • 49accc1b
  • 49accc25
  • 49accc27
  • 49accc28
  • 49accc29
  • 49accc31
  • 49accc33
  • 49accc34

If none of these code work, you can register on TNX.net without needing any invitation code with my affiliate link.

Also, if you need some help to get started with TNX, don’t hesitate to ask your questions with the comment form below!

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