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Google celebrates Hans Christian Andersen with five logos

Google is celebrating today the 205th anniversary of the Danish author Hans Chrisitian Andersen. For the first time in Google history, we can see five different logos at the same time on the homepage of the popular search engine.

Today, April 2nd, there isn’t one logo, but five logos on Google homepage. With these fives logo, or “doodles”, Google wants to celebrate the 205th birthday of Hans Christian Andersen. It’s the first time in Google history that five logo can be found on the homepage.

For those who are asking where these five logos can be found, one must go on Google homepage and you’ll be able to see the following logo:

Premier logo Google de Hans Christian Andersen

If you click on that logo, it will change itself into a new one. Each time you click on a logo, Google is going to show you a new one, until you’ve seen the five. For your personal pleasure,  here is the list of the other four logos which can be seen on Google homepage today:

Deuxième logo Google de Hans Christian Andersen

Troisième logo Google de Hans Christian Andersen

Quatrième logo Google de Hans Christian Andersen

Cinquième logo Google de Hans Christian Andersen

If you don’t know who is Hans Christian Andersen, he’s a Danish author and poet noted for his children’s stories. He was born on April 2nd, 1805 in Odense, Denmark. Among his popular story, we have The Ugly Duckling, The Little Mermaid and Thumbelina.

It would be hard to describe all the works of Hans Christian Andersen. If you want to know more about him, you can visit his page on Wikipedia, which contains a lot of information on Hans Christian Andersen.

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