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30% discount coupon code for WordPress hosting with WPWebHost

WPWebHost is a great host for blog running with WordPress. Using the discount coupon QUEBECLIBRE, you'll save 30% on your first purchase for Wordpress hosting with WPWebHost. It means you can get two years of hosting for only 80$!

I’m sure a lot of people must be looking for a web hosting solution for your blog using WordPress. And like I did, I’m sure most of them tried web hosting services like BlueHost, GoDaddy or other hosting services of the same kind, and then realised that it could not handle well a website running on WordPress with a minimum of traffic.

During three years, I tried different hosting company. As my traffic was growing, I had to find something that could handle that. I first tried GoDaddy. Since I didn’t knew anything about shared hosting before trying GoDaddy, my expectations were very low. Their service wasn’t especially fast, as I recall many slowdown. Still, after 4 months, they managed to move my website from a server to another  because of “slowdowns on my side”, I was told… I couldn’t believe it, as I was only using WordPress with almost no plugins at that time.

Anyway, GoDaddy took days to move my account, and all my websites were down during that time, which made me lose money. Having a website down during a certain amount of time is very bad for business. Meanwhile, I was shopping for a new web hosting service.

So I moved all my websites from GoDaddy to BlueHost. It took me some days to do it. And everything was done, I was very happy, until I discovered their famous “CPU Quota excedeed” which desactivate automatically your account for five minutes when they feel you overuse ther servers. However, the fact is that BlueHost, which actually use shared hosting servers (which is not bad), oversell his account. Eventually, thousand and thousand of websites are hosted on the same box, so every website become be slower, thus overloading rapidly the servers and doing CPU Quota errors. To make a short story, when I started having more than 10000 page views a day, BlueHost server couldn’t handle it, giving me all the time CPU Quota errors. They finally closed my account by themselve, and gave my money back, so I won’t complain.

That said, I finally found a webhost especially made for websites running with WordPress. Since my sites using WordPress are on WPWebHost servers, every page renders faster. My websites aren’t down anymore like with BlueHost or GoDaddy, since WpWebHost servers are optimised for WordPress. WpWebHost doesn’t overload their servers like BlueHost does. Also, they answer to email pretty fast (Bluehost NEVER answered emails and GoDaddy was only replying with automatic responses).

And, as if it wasn’t enough, WpWebHost is less expansive than the vast majority of other webhosting services. Normally, it costs 80$ for  a year, or 120$ for two years of hosting. But if you use the discount coupon QUEBECLIBRE at the time of the payment, you’ll save 30%! Basically, it means that you can have two years of great and reliable wordpress hosting for the price of one year (80$)!

I really suggest you to go and take a look at WpWebHost website. It’s a simple website (nothing like GoDaddy!), and any information you may need about WpWebHost can be found there. Also, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to use the comments.

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